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Doggie Kisses Could Hurt Us!

Image: (George Peters/getty images) Staff Writer Alexa Lardieri tells us in this article that according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, an outbreak of Campylobacter jejuni, the most common cause of food poisoning in the United States could be linked to puppies licking their owners. In the article it states “At least 30 […]

Dangers of Dog Walking For Older Adults!

Photo Credit:  http://needpix.com Dog Walking Dangers According to Katelyn Newman who is a Staff Writer with U.S. News and World Report, dangers are just around the corner for older adults.  In this article, its noted that spending time walking man's best friend may not be the best thing for those adults 65 and older. One […]

Colonel And Caleb! Friends Forever!

Colonel and Caleb….friends forever! This story sure brought tears to my eyes.  Colonel is a therapy dog and was brought in during a therapy session for Caleb.  They bonded immediately.  Caleb was involved in an automobile accident where he suffered a Traumatic Bain Injury.  Caleb really loved being around Colonel and would push himself to […]

A Hero Named Lucas!

A Hero Named Lucas! According to You Tube a dog saved his partners life in Pearlington, MS.  A Belgian Malinois dog named Lucas rescued Hancock County Deputy Todd Frazier from three men who ambushed him at a rest stop in Pearlington, Mississippi. After being bitten by Lucas, the attackers got into a blue Town Car […]

From Rescue To Rattlesnake Wrangler!

From Rescue To Rattlesnake Wrangler! This rescue dog has just joined his new family.  What a story this is.  This dog got in between the little girl and a rattlesnake to protect his new family member.  The dog suffered several bites from the rattlesnake while protecting his family.  What a great story.  These dogs in the […]

Heartbreaking News For Zeus!

Heartbreaking news for Zeus! Zeus's family noticed that he wasn't acting right and was weak.  They loaded him up and took him to the vet.  The news the vet told them was not the best news and caused them pain for sure.  Watch the video and find out what happened to Zeus.  His family loves […]

Dog Flu Outbreak-What You Need To Know!

Dog flu outbreak, what do you need to know? An outbreak of the dog flu, which has sickened hundreds of canines across the country over the last two years, has hit Florida for the first time.  At least 12 dogs have been affected in Florida.  Some of the symptoms are coughing, runny nose and fever.  […]

Just Love Me!

Just love me! This video is so darn cute.  These dogs just want all of the attention to be on them.  They get very upset when it isn't  These canines are not afraid to voice there opinions and let their  owners know what they want.  These dogs are hilarious.  I have family members that have […]

A News Star Is Born!

A News Star is born… This news anchor is shocked to see the new star on the show.  This dog just feels the need to be on the television.  I love the surprise and uncomfortable look on her face when she turns around and sees the dog there.  That look is priceless.  She declares that […]

Battlefield Buddies Reunited!

Battlefield buddies reunited! Molly Oliver, a veteran flight attendant for United Airlines has made it her mission to reunite service dogs with the veterans that they served with.  What an amazing service she is providing.  This video will definitely bring tears to your eyes.  These soldiers and service dogs were in life and death situations […]