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[video] Dachshund Love!

[video] Dachshund Love!

Dachshund Love! These dogs are awesome!  We love dachshund’s at Paws For Peeps.  How many of you have dachshund’s?  This video is absolutely the best.  These dogs are so smart and funny.  I love how they know exactly what their owners are saying.  They know when they are in trouble and are doing something they

[video] Puppies Are The Best!

Puppies Are The Best! There is not anything better than a puppy licking all over your face.  They are so sweet and loving.  Mashup Zone has done it again with this compilation video of these adorable darlings.  In this video you will see all breeds of dogs represented.  I just can’t get over how cute

[video] Rescue Dog Squad!

Rescue Dog Squad! Colorado is known for its beautiful Rocky Mountains, snow and avalanches. Breckenridge Resort has a group of 6 dogs and handlers trained specifically to rescue people lost in the woods or buried by an avalanche. These teams are the first line of defense for people when disaster strikes. This video will take