DIY articles

[video] DIY Dog Crate~

DIY Dog Crate! DIY Dog crate!  I love this so much.  These are the new fashion style in homes with dogs.  I guess we have out grown the plastic or wire crates of old.  I have to admit these new fancy wooden crates are awesome.  You can do more with them to personalize them and

[video] Treats For Your Dog!

Treats for your dog! Gone to the snow dogs gave us this awesome video of how to make candy canes for the dogs in our lives for Christmas.  This is an awesome video.  I have tried several recipes they have posted and they have all been wonderful.  The dogs in our lives want treats and

[video] Dog Christmas Cookies!

Dog Christmas cookies… We are all busy rushing around buying presents and food for the holidays.  Everyone spends hours wrapping presents, shopping and cooking.  This video and recipe is awesome.   It is a tradition in my family to make Christmas Candy.  What a special treat to make some cookies for the dogs in the family as

[video] DIY Dog Wheelchair

DIY Dog Wheelchair… This DIY video is very helpful for those of you who have a handicapped canine and would love to see them walk again.  This video is easy to follow and understand.  The parts needed for this invention are minimal and easy to find.  The canine in the video sure looks like he

[video] DIY Dog Tutu..A Must See

DIY Dog Tutu DIY doggie tutu tutorial is awesome!  I’m loving it!  The canines in the video love their tutu’s.  These are perfect for the small breed dogs and everyone of them should have one.  This tutorial is easy to follow and will help you accomplish your goal for sure.  I would love to see

[video] Do Your Ears Hang Low?

Does your dog’s ears hang low?  Are they full of gunk?  Does your dog shake his/her head a lot?  If so he/she may need their ears cleaned out!  This video is a step by step detailed video on how to clean those ears.  I have to be honest, I am always scared that I will hurt