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Dangers of Dog Walking For Older Adults!

Dangers of Dog Walking For Older Adults!

Photo Credit: Dog Walking Dangers According to Katelyn Newman who is a Staff Writer with U.S. News and World Report, dangers are just around the corner for older adults.  In this article, its noted that spending time walking man’s best friend may not be the best thing for those adults 65 and older. One

12 Dogs Who Love to Smile [pics]… you won’t believe what the pit bull does with a baby chicken!!!

See Next Pic Here>>> I have often heard the term “Smile and the whole world smiles with you”. We found this great pictorial over at BuzzFeed of 12 dogs who love to smile and love to make their humans smile with them. You’ll see everything from a chillin’ hippie labrador retriever to a staffordshire terrier with the

[PICS] 9 Simple but Sweet Costume Ideas for Your Dog. Number 3 is Out of this World

View Next Pic So… you wanna bring your dog to the local haunted house, trick or treating or even an awesome Halloween party but you don’t have a costume for your best friend. Have no fear, we found this ridiculously cute feature at BuzzFeed which has simple but sweet costume ideas for your dog. Happy Halloween to

[pic] 8 Funny Animal Pictures!!

These pictures are sure to make you laugh!  They are some of the cutest I have found!  This first one of the twins..too cute!  The sausage pizza is one of my favorites to say the least!  Don’t miss the last one…It gets me everytime!  True friendship at its finest!!  Enjoy! Start your journey on the