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Dangers of Dog Walking For Older Adults!

Dangers of Dog Walking For Older Adults!

Photo Credit: Dog Walking Dangers According to Katelyn Newman who is a Staff Writer with U.S. News and World Report, dangers are just around the corner for older adults.  In this article, its noted that spending time walking man’s best friend may not be the best thing for those adults 65 and older. One

[Video] DIY Doggie Seat!

DIY Doggie Seat! This is an awesome tutorial of a DIY doggie seat.  This sure seems super easy and comfy for that four legged friend that likes to ride right next to you in the car.  What a wonderful idea.  I love this because then the dog is contained and not running all over the

[video] Tilt A Head Doggie Style!

Tilt a head doggie style… This video from Brain Stuff-How It Works is awesome!  They share with us three factor that would cause your dog to tilt his/her head.  The first is Sight.  This one makes sense because depending on the angle of their head they may or may not be able to see.  Second

[video] DIY Dog Crate~

DIY Dog Crate! DIY Dog crate!  I love this so much.  These are the new fashion style in homes with dogs.  I guess we have out grown the plastic or wire crates of old.  I have to admit these new fancy wooden crates are awesome.  You can do more with them to personalize them and

[video] Tips For Your Dog During Fireworks!

Tips for your dog during fireworks! This video is amazing and offers many suggestions and tips for our dogs during times of fireworks.  These tips and suggestions are easy to understand and practical.  Dr. Sarah Endersby gives us some tips to make things easier for the dog during this stressful time for the.  When I