Daylight Savings Time Is Ending, How Will It Affect Your Dogs?

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Humans LOVE the extra hour of sleep that we get when Daylight Savings Time Ends, but it is a different story for our loved pets.  They are still on the other time and will stay there for a little while.  We need to be mindful of this and make sure we help decrease any anxiety that might go along with being off of their normal routine.  Listed below are some areas that may cause anxiety for your loved pet and we just need to be aware of these things.

Potty Time

Many dogs need to go outside for a potty break first thing in the morning.  Most dogs get used to regular potty times throughout the day, so it will take some time before they can adjust to your new schedule.  Be mindful of this one for sure.

Feeding Time

If your dog is used to being fed at a certain time, they might be a bit upset when breakfast or dinner is coming an hour late. We all are on some kind of schedule and its important to remember that we get our pets into a routine as well.  Sometimes we do this without even realizing it.

Together Time

Spend time with your pet.  He loves you unconditionally and sits around all day and waits for you to return.  Make sure you are spending enough time with him/her so they do not act out and do things to get into trouble!  Sometimes they will do it for attention because negative attention is still attention!

Last but not least…enjoy that extra sleep and time, just don’t forget about the dogs!!!!

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