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[video] A News Star Is Born!

A News Star is born… This news anchor is shocked to see the new star on the show.  This dog just feels the need to be on the television.  I love the surprise and uncomfortable look on her face when she turns around and sees the dog there.  That look is priceless.  She declares that

[video] It Is All About Me!

It’s All About ME! This video is absolutely adorable.  These dogs in the video feel like the world revolves around them and their owners need to pay more attention to them.  I think that is so cute!  These dogs are truly attention seekers.  They make their owners feel guilty for not paying more attention to

(Video) No Laughing Matter!

No Laughing Matter! This compilation of dogs is too funny.  You can’t help but die laughing through the whole video.  These dogs do some of the funniest things.   This reminds me of the bloopers and practical jokes we use to play on our friends, now the dogs are doing it.  These dogs are good sports

[video] Weird Dogs Make Me Laugh!

  Weird Dogs Make Me Laugh! These dogs in this video are so funny.  They do some of the weirdest things I have seen.  Tiger Productions put together a great compilation of weird dogs.  Dogs do some weird, crazy and funny things.  I wonder if they know what they are doing and just want to

[video[ Inside The Puppy Bowl!

Inside the puppy bowl… Animal Planet takes you inside their puppy bowl.  This is great!  These puppies are playing a game, on two different teams and taken the toys away the bet they can.  This video is hilarious.  These puppies are playing and having the time of their lives.  You have to see this!  They

[video] Water Babies!

Water Babies!!! This video is adorable.  These water babies, child and dog alike sure love the water.  I love the look on the child’s face when he finally gets the water hose to turn on and he squirts the dog.  The kids in this video are so dang cute.  The dogs sure love the water

[video] A Bath Is Not For Me!

A bath is not for me… Mashup Zone has done it again with a great video.  The dogs in this video are hilarious.  They do not want to take a bath and they are letting everyone in the vicinity of them know about it.  I have had dogs in the past that absolutely despise a bath.