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[video] First Time Owner Dog Breeds!

[video] First Time Owner Dog Breeds!

First time dog owner breeds! This video for the first time dog owner is awesome!  They let you know interesting facts about different breeds and what would be best for you in your home.  I love the facts that they share.  Dog hair was a big deal to me and I wanted a fur baby

Does Your Dog Beg?

Image: Google/PopSugar Does your dog beg?  If so I found this article by Wyatt Myers from Everyday Health and thought this information would be beneficial.  I have had dogs over the years that beg for different things.  I found the most common was food from the table or while you are cooking in the kitchen. 

Ping Pong Puppy [video]

This dog is absolutely amazing.  I am amazed as I sit here and watch him play ping pong.  I am going on a limb here and just gonna tell you he is definitely better than I am!  I love to play ping pong but am in no way as talented as this dog!!  Dogs amaze

Howling Competition…Who Wins?

VIEW VIDEO HERE! This is a fitting video for a Halloween afternoon.  This is absolutely precious.  This activity goes on all the time in this household and I am so glad they decided to share.  The dog and you will never guess the other participant in the competition.  Who do you think will win?  Who

No Halloween Candy For The Dogs!

Image : Modern Dog Magazine Happy Halloween and enjoy your time trick or treating with the little ones.  This does not include the family dogs.  In this article from Modern Dog Magazine, Texas A&M College has some information and facts as to what the chocolate does to our dogs.  I found this very interesting.  When

Barking Barrel Of Laughs! [video]

VIEW VIDEO HERE!! This compilation of barking dogs is too funny.  I love all of the different barks from all of the different dogs.  A dogs bark is a great identifier of their personality.  Dogs love to bark.  They love their voices to be heard!  We all love our voices to be heard for that