[video] From Bait Dog To Beautiful Dog!

From bait dog to beautiful dog.  Cadence was found and brought in by HopeForPaws.org.  Her transformation is amazing!  She was used as a bait dog and had many wounds and needed some medical treatment immediately.  As you watch this video you will see just how sweet dogs are even when they have zero reason to trust and love again.  This video has touched me today.  Cadence was so grateful for the help and love she has been shown.  Thank you to the rescuers that showed her such love and patience!

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  1. Judy Foushee said:

    My little rescued pit was also used as bait dog. Broken jaw never fixed and a bevy of horrible things. I named him Boo Boo because he had so many booboo’s. He is doing so well, but it has taken much diligence, money and patience. He is pretty well house trained now. getting hair back, but will have scars. People suck.