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10 Commandments From Your Dog's Point of View [infograph]

View The Infograph>>> I’m sure you often think about what it is your dog is thinking and what it needs. They have so much to tell us but only a few ways to communicate with us. I found this infograph at The Meta Picture that outlines what’s important to our dogs in the form of 1o Commandments …

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10 Must See Mutts!!!

Image: Huffington Post We found this great pictorial by Amanda Scherker.  It features some beautiful mixed breeds which are great pets to boot.  We have chosen 10 adorable mutts you must see! The dog snobs of the world may show an upturned nose at these beauties but we love them. Mutts have more fun!!!  What do you …

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Did Someone Say FRIDAY?

  Source: It’s finally here!!  Friday is here!!  Did someone say Friday?  I’m sure we are all happy to see Friday come so we can enjoy the beautiful weather and spend time with our family.  We need the weekend to relax and de-stress and get our stuff together for the following week.  I am …

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I Want To Play!! I want to play.  I thought this was so cute.  Our dogs are home all day while we are working.  I just thought how cute this is that maybe they do miss us and can’t wait for us to come back home to them!  The best part of this meme is that they dog says you have …

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I Don't Like Push-Ups!

Image Source: I don’t like push ups…do you?  This dog is showing us how to do them.  This is so cute.  I feel this exact same way when I am supposed to be doing the push up part of my work out.  I feel just like this dog looks, like PLEASE don’t make me do …

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Today is the Day!

Today is the day, I can feel it, Today I will catch that tail! How many times in life do we feel like we are just going round and round in circles and feel that today is the day we will “catch” our tail?  Today is the day we will achieve our goals?  I know I …

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Who's A Good Boy?

Image Source: I love this meme.  This is so true.  How many times do we say to our dogs, ” Who’s a good boy?”  I literally laughed out loud when I saw this.  Next time you ask your dog that when you are talking to him, think about this!  Have a great day everyone!  I …

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