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Who's A Good Boy?

Image Source: dumpaday.com/google I love this meme.  This is so true.  How many times do we say to our dogs, ” Who’s a good boy?”  I literally laughed out loud when I saw this.  Next time you ask your dog that when you are talking to him, think about this!  Have a great day everyone!  I …

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We Can't Afford A Cat!

Image Source:weknowmemes.com Well, the dog has done the math and we can’t afford a cat.  How funny is this.  This dog looks very intelligent and like he knows exactly what he is talking about!  I sometimes wonder what the dog things when we bring another animal home with us.  This made me laugh.  I would …

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Dog Breed of the Day! Dachshund

Image Source:google/petsgroomingprices.com Breed of the Day…DACHSHUND.  I think these are some of the cutest dogs around.  I know several people whole own this breed of dog and they all love them to pieces.  I found out some great information researching this breed.  Here are some statistics and facts on the breed: The Dachshund is a …

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[Video] WOW! Wait Till You See What Was Causing This Dogs Tummy Ache!

What till you see what was causing this dogs tummy ache!  WOW! Kinda gross…just a warning! I couldn’t believe this video!  This Lab was a very hungry dog or maybe even a “snacker”.  The dog had emergency surgery last week to remove 62 Hairbands, plus you will not believe the other items!  I wonder how long that …

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