Dangers of Dog Walking For Older Adults!

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Dog Walking Dangers

According to Katelyn Newman who is a Staff Writer with U.S. News and World Report, dangers are just around the corner for older adults.  In this article, its noted that spending time walking man’s best friend may not be the best thing for those adults 65 and older.

One wouldn’t think that walking a dog would be a danger…

For instance, once one is  retired and enjoying life aren’t you suppose to spend time with your dog?

According to the article,  “Though walking the dog can be a suggested way for the elderly to improve their physical health, the study – published Wednesday in the journal JAMA Surgery – found that the estimated number of fractures associated with walking leashed dogs has grown by 163 percent among patients 65 and older in recent years, from 1,671 in 2004 to 4,396 in 2017.”

These numbers are unbelievable.   The information is available, numbers are growing and older adults are being injured as a result of walking dogs.

We all should check out this wonderful article.

Learn more about the dangers of dog walking for older adults, so we will know what to do and not to do when the time comes to stay at home with man’s best friend!


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