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Outdoor Lovers, These Dogs Are For You!

Outdoor Lovers…these dogs are for you!! The top 10 dogs listed in this video are awesome.  During my lifetime my family and I have had several of the breeds highlighted in this video!  Number 1 is probably my favorite.  Numbers 2 and 3 run a close race.  All of the dogs listed in this video […]

Dachshund Love!

Dachshund Love! These dogs are awesome!  We love dachshund's at Paws For Peeps.  How many of you have dachshund's?  This video is absolutely the best.  These dogs are so smart and funny.  I love how they know exactly what their owners are saying.  They know when they are in trouble and are doing something they […]

It Is All About Me!

It's All About ME! This video is absolutely adorable.  These dogs in the video feel like the world revolves around them and their owners need to pay more attention to them.  I think that is so cute!  These dogs are truly attention seekers.  They make their owners feel guilty for not paying more attention to […]

Pascal Packs A Punch!

According to Inside Edition, “A stray puppy tormented by children and left for dead, according to a rescue organization, has made a miraculous recovery. The dog named Pascal was brought to a charity clinic in critical condition after the 4-month-old dog had been covered in industrial glue and dragged through dirt. Damage from the glue […]

Eastwood Finds A Home!

This is an amazing story!  Stan Van Gundy, the president of the Piston's listened to his 17 year old daughter when she begged him to bring this awesome dog home.  Eastwood was the last dog left at the shelter Little Traverse Bay Humane Society in Harbor Springs during Michigan’s statewide “Empty the Shelters” pet adoption […]

(video) Babies and Dogs!

Babies and dogs, a wonderful combination! This compilation of baby and dog videos is awesome.  This dynamic duo of baby and dog are the best.  They seem to understand and communicate with each other better and grown ups.  I don't know if it is the dog wanting to be like the baby or the baby wanting […]

(video)A Dog's Purpose!

  A Dog's Purpose.. This movie trailer is amazing.  I have to go see this movie.  There is a line in the movie that I love.  It is “The ones we rescue, rescue us.”  This is so true. I absolutely love that quote.  This is the first time I have heard about this movie and […]

(Video) No Laughing Matter!

No Laughing Matter! This compilation of dogs is too funny.  You can't help but die laughing through the whole video.  These dogs do some of the funniest things.   This reminds me of the bloopers and practical jokes we use to play on our friends, now the dogs are doing it.  These dogs are good sports […]

(video) Amazing Dogs And Their Markings!

  Amazing dogs and their marking! This video will not disappoint you in any way.  These dogs in this video are amazing.  Their marking and distinct looks are unbelievable.  I love this video and all the different looks these animals have to them.  This reminds me of the world and how different but the same […]

[Video] DIY Doggie Seat!

DIY Doggie Seat! This is an awesome tutorial of a DIY doggie seat.  This sure seems super easy and comfy for that four legged friend that likes to ride right next to you in the car.  What a wonderful idea.  I love this because then the dog is contained and not running all over the […]