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Rescue Dog Squad!

Rescue Dog Squad! Colorado is known for its beautiful Rocky Mountains, snow and avalanches. Breckenridge Resort has a group of 6 dogs and handlers trained specifically to rescue people lost in the woods or buried by an avalanche. These teams are the first line of defense for people when disaster strikes. This video will take […]

And There Off….

And There Off…. Did you know there was such a thing as wiener dog races?  Did you know that they are all over the United States are different times of the year?  I love this and think its a wonderful idea.  These dogs are very competitive and love to win.  This idea is such a good […]

Hotel Manager Saves Dog!

Hotel Manager Saves Dog! The manager at The Roadway Inn in Greenville, South Carolina saved Boo Boo's life.  Boo Boo's owner got on the elevator and the door closed with Boo Boo on the other side.  The owner came back down immediately and thought for sure the worst had happened.  Much to his surprise his […]

Water Babies!

Water Babies!!! This video is adorable.  These water babies, child and dog alike sure love the water.  I love the look on the child's face when he finally gets the water hose to turn on and he squirts the dog.  The kids in this video are so dang cute.  The dogs sure love the water […]

Dogs In The Work Place

Dogs in the work place… Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, discusses The HSUS' “dogs in the office” policy.  In the video Wayne tells you some of the advantages he feels he has from bringing Lily to work with him.  I think this is an amazing idea and […]

Welcome Home Soldier!

Welcome Home Soldier! These dogs in this video are amazing.  They give these soldiers the best welcome home love they could ask for.  As you watch this video think about how long some of thee soldiers are gone for.  These dogs never forgot their owners.  I often wonder if they are sad and depressed because they […]

A Bath Is Not For Me!

A bath is not for me… Mashup Zone has done it again with a great video.  The dogs in this video are hilarious.  They do not want to take a bath and they are letting everyone in the vicinity of them know about it.  I have had dogs in the past that absolutely despise a bath.  […]

Dreams Of A Dog!

Dreams Of A Dog… This video is awesome!  Scientist have done research on lab rats and decided that dogs do dream.  Animals dream.  They have stages of sleep just like we humans do.  When they get to REM sleep they them will dream and during their study the animals had the same wave forms as […]

Dogs Bark–Why?

Dogs bark–Why? All dogs can be traced back to the wolf.  Wolves howl and dogs bark.  Scientist believe that dogs bark so we humans will know what they want.  Think about that for a minute.  They have adapted to us so that they can communicate with us.  I have no doubt they understand what we […]

Your Dog Can Pick Your Partner For You!

Your dog can pick your partner for you! This video is awesome.  Dr. Roger Mugford and his golden Labrador Bounce visited the BBC studio and talked about how your dog can tell a lot about the people that come around you.  This is awesome.  I need to get my dog to help me pick out a […]