[video] A Hero Named Lucas!

A Hero Named Lucas!

According to You Tube a dog saved his partners life in Pearlington, MS.  A Belgian Malinois dog named Lucas rescued Hancock County Deputy Todd Frazier from three men who ambushed him at a rest stop in Pearlington, Mississippi. After being bitten by Lucas, the attackers got into a blue Town Car and drove off.

The incident happened when Frazier was driving along Pearlington. He noticed a lone dark blue Town Car with a man in the driver’s seat. The car was unlit, so Frazier got out of his vehicle to see if anything fishy was going on. As the deputy approached the car, three men came out and attacked him.

During the scuffle, Frazier managed to get one hand free and reached for his police vehicle’s remote control and opened the doors. Lucas jumped into action and bit the assailants, who later ran back into the Town Car and drove off. Frazier has his life thanks to his trusty pal, Lucas.

Author: pawsforpeeps

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