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Acupuncture For Dogs!

Image Source: Acupuncture For Dogs… While doing research on this subject it would seem that many pet owners have taken their animals for acupuncture therapy for years and I just was out of the loop on this alternate source of relief with their pets.  Check out what I have learned so far.  This was educational and a …

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[video] Most Dangerous Dogs!

Most dangerous dogs… This video has a list of 10 dangerous dogs.   I will let you decide for yourself if you agree.  It seems a little opinionated if I have to give you my two sense.  This video list some dogs that I know first hand are gentle giants and have never acted out of the way towards …

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Could You Be Killing Your Dog?

Image: shutterstock/ I heart According Dr. Kathryn Primm from the website I heart,  we may be doing more harm than good to our beloved pets.  This is a great article with fabulous information.  It sure made me stop an reflect on the things I do with my dog.  I also had to stop giving …

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[video] What Happened To Michael Vick's Dogs? Where Are They?

Ever wonder what happened to Michael Vick’s dogs?  Did they get rehabilitated?  Did they get adopted?  Were they euthanized?  This video is awesome.  All of these questions will be answered and I am sure that you will be happy with the outcome.  Everyone knew what happened to Michael Vick and we all know how he …

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