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[video] Dachshund Love!

Dachshund Love! These dogs are awesome!  We love dachshund’s at Paws For Peeps.  How many of you have dachshund’s?  This video is absolutely the best.  These dogs are so smart and funny.  I love how they know exactly what their owners are saying.  They know when they are in trouble and are doing something they …

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10 Funny Dachshund Videos

This video is one of the cutest and funniest videos I have seen.  Dachshund are a very lovable breed of dog.  They are so funny to me.  Several members of my family have dachshunds and they bring us hours of laughter and tons of happiness.  The dogs in this video are so funny.  They try their …

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Dog Breed of the Day! Dachshund

Image Source:google/petsgroomingprices.com Breed of the Day…DACHSHUND.  I think these are some of the cutest dogs around.  I know several people whole own this breed of dog and they all love them to pieces.  I found out some great information researching this breed.  Here are some statistics and facts on the breed: The Dachshund is a …

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