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dog videos

Dogs are People Too [video]

View the Video>>> It’s hard to think of anything funnier than animals acting like people. It’s especially humorous when to see dogs and cats doing people stuff. I am amazed at the talent these dogs have.  I am thinking that the owners have spent quite a bit of time with these dogs working on getting …

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[Video] Guilty Dog Compilation

This compilation video of guilty dogs is something else.  I love the looks on each dogs face when they get caught.  Those looks are priceless.  Check out these guilty dogs as they are caught doing something naughty.  Their reactions are something to watch. It is almost as if they are human.  Be sure to look …

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[Video] WOW! Wait Till You See What Was Causing This Dogs Tummy Ache!

What till you see what was causing this dogs tummy ache!  WOW! Kinda gross…just a warning! I couldn’t believe this video!  This Lab was a very hungry dog or maybe even a “snacker”.  The dog had emergency surgery last week to remove 62 Hairbands, plus you will not believe the other items!  I wonder how long that …

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