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I Want To Play!!

  Source:dumpaday.com/google I want to play.  I thought this was so cute.  Our dogs are home all day while we are working.  I just thought how cute this is that maybe they do miss us and can’t wait for us to come back home to them!  The best part of this meme is that they dog says you have …

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I Am Just A Little Husky!

  Image Source:freeallimages.com/google I love this meme.  It hits home to me.  I can remember growing up and everyone saying “oh, your just a little husky” referring to my body build.  I wish I would have seen this and understood what they were talking about because I really thought they were telling me I was …

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Wait for Me!

  Image Source:anucockapoo.com Wait for me! This is adorable for sure.  Remember they want our attention for sure! How many times do we just rush out the door on our way to work or dinner with friends?  We need to be mindful that we are everything to our dogs. Get all of the kisses you can from them, …

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Advice for Handling Stress!

  Image Source/Pinterest/thedailyquotes.com I found this to be so refreshing.  It’s what I needed to see!  Sometimes we take life too seriously and just need to deal with the day to day activities and everything will all work out.  We need to not be so serious in life sometimes, be more like this puppy!  I …

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"SELFIE" anyone?

Image Source: Pinterest/Google In those moments when you think life is getting too serious.  This is the kind of thing you need to see.   We fell in love the second we found it on Pinterest.  It’s not every day you see a pit bull and a bull terrier posing with swag and attitude for …

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A Few Funny Dog Memes

    Poor baby…being a dog is “ruff” sometimes! Image Source: Facebook These meme’s are some of our favorites here at Paws For Peeps.  The make us laugh and put a smile on our faces.  We can relate.  We hope that you like them as well and feel free to share this article!  Enjoy!   …

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