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sleeping dogs

7 Snoozing Pooch Pics

We found 7 of the best snoozing pictures.  These great pics of snoozing pooches were found @ Buzzfeed Animals.  These guys are sprawled out all over the place.  You will not believe some of these dogs and their positions.  Being in uncompromising positions doesn’t keep these hounds from getting some serious slumber. Let us know which one is your …

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Nap Time Bulldog Style

Nap time bulldog style is here!  I found this hilarious meme @ Cheezburger.  This poor bulldog takes nap time to a whole new level.  I can relate.  I love nap time.  It cracks me up how this dog manages to nap with his tongue flapping in the wind.  It looks uncomfortable but this Bulldog seems to be …

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DIY Dog Treats!

At Paws for Peeps we are always trying to make the experience better for our users.  We decided to start sharing great recipes (we call ’em ruffifes) and DIY projects for your dogs.  Your feedback helps us determine the content we provide.  Please share, like or comment to see more.  You can view the entire infograph on …

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