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Ping Pong Puppy [video]

This dog is absolutely amazing.  I am amazed as I sit here and watch him play ping pong.  I am going on a limb here and just gonna tell you he is definitely better than I am!  I love to play ping pong but am in no way as talented as this dog!!  Dogs amaze …

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[video] Bang!! Your Dead!

VIEW VIDEO HERE!!!!! Bang!!  Your dead!  These dogs all ‘play’ dead at the sound of bang and the sight of their owners finger like a gun pointed at them.  These dogs are too funny!  These owners deserve some praise as well because they taught their dogs to do these tricks.  I laughed so hard at …

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[video] Max Discovered Cancer Before The Test Results!

VIEW VIDEO HERE! Max detected Maureen’s cancer before the results of her test came back.  In fact, the doctors had told her that her mammogram was all clear.  Max knew better.  Maureen saw a change in Max’s behavior and the things he did.  His reactions to her were different.  You will see this in the …

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