This Rescue Story is Amazing!

This video is absolutely heart wrenching.  Koni was found in a parking lot and a lady took her home.  The lady had a hard time catching her and when she did she realized that she needed some help.  She had an infection and was blind.  This rescue is amazing and you will not believe what Koni looks like now.  All anyone or any animal needs is love.  I am not sure how Koni ended up in that parking lot that day, but one thing I know for sure is she found someone who was willing to love her as much as she could love them back.  This transformation will have you in tears just like it did me.

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  1. Debra Cook said:

    God bless you for saving her! If I could have more than one Baby where I live, I would take her immediately!!! Someone please love this baby for all of us who can’t!!!! Please?????

  2. Dagi Brost said:

    to bad you can not keep her she loves you trust you and getva long with your dogs . please make sure wen some one adopts her there be good to her sorry i dont trust people to much any more myself becouse every day you see these horror stories and i gont want himvto be hurt again .that is why i saidbi wasbhoping you could keep him . please just make sure he goes to a very good home were je gets all the love ans attention he deserves now he is happy and i hope he always will be that poor dog has been trough a nave . you sre an angel what you did for him and got him all well and loved him,thank you so much please post wen and if he gets adopted were he goes and stuff so we can maybe see of him and his new family god bless thanks for everything you did for him

  3. Judy Foushee said:

    Looks exactly like the one I picked up from a house where the people had moved. He was so sick and stinky. I didn’t care. Cradled him in my arms and kept him over night till I could find a rescue that would take him and help him. He went straight to the vet. Poor little thing.