[video] Do Dogs Mourn The Loss Of Loved Ones?

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Do dogs mourn the loss of loved ones?  Do you think they grieve like we humans do?  I think they do.  This video has some disturbing images in it.  Please have your Kleenex ready for this one.  Death has always been something that I do not deal well with.  I try to deal well, I really do but I just don’t.  These dogs in this video just really touched me.  We as humans act just like these dogs.  Bless their hearts!

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  1. Katherine Loudermilk said:

    I have seen it with my own dogs. Up until 2 years ago I had 3 Labs, Choc Cocoa,,Blonde Bella and Black Bertha. Bella got cancer, we tried treatment for her, but sadly we lost her. The other 2 would look for her and they acted sad like a person would. Then Cocoa had kidney failure and we lost her, treatment did not hel] poor Bertha would run out the door and all over the back yard looking for her. She sat and looked out th r window, went room to room and bec a me very clinging to the family.

  2. TanaRae Nagel said:

    Yes they do even if it is a friend(animal) or human. I had a cat that mourned his best friend a dog for two years before he passed as well

  3. Esther Magaly Celis said:

    They certainly do. My dog cried all day when my dad die, and he kept waiting for him to come home every day at thr same time. And my lab ehen through deppresion when my other dog died.

  4. Louise Starin said:

    You bet they do .. I lost my Etta Dog and the five stray cats all came to the front door and looked for her for over a month then and now only one still looks for her.. Etta is a special little dog .. not to be replaced soon .

  5. Louise Archuleta said:

    When my dog Max passed and that night me and my other dog were in bed we were going to bury Max the next day so I had placed him near our bed that we had all shared Molly is very attached to me but that night she slept next to Max

  6. Lanette Thomas said:

    Yes they do and humans mourn the loss of their dog.like my brother his dog passed one Wednesday my brother died the very next day in his sleep he had his dog for 14 years his name was tazz. And I truly believe my brother mourn himself to the point of having a heart attack.

  7. Gail Holder Turner said:

    When my cat died, I brought her body back in a box. I put it down on the floor and let me dog come up to it. She sniffed it and seemed satisfied. She realized the cat was gone.

  8. Connie Gillette said:

    Both my dogs were 14 One of them passed in July. The other appeared not to be bothered. She was and still is. She’s going downhill very quickly now. We both miss her so very much.!

  9. Paulette DiPiazza said:

    When my bf died, my dog looked for him and moped around, I was worried. So I got him a puppy. Now that the older one is 16 the younger one takes care of him. He asks to come in if I have him outside without the old one, so he can check on him.

  10. Diane Boisjolie said:

    I know they do. Our little Bichon Sarah Janes grieved so badly when my husband died. She was so attached to him. I truly felt terrible for her.

  11. Jamie Simmons said:

    They do mourn. Mine whined, howled and sat next to me while I cried when I lost my 23 yr old Suzie.
    I made a reference to “SueSue” and when I said her name, his ears perked up and he ran around the house looking for her.

  12. Sylvia Huerta said:

    Yes they absolutely do. When my mom died our two dogs grieved for her badly. I still have one. He is a Dalmatian named Spooky. My mom loved him very much. It’s comforting to me to still have him.

  13. Christopher Priest said:

    When Fardale passed, Topaz’s behavior started changing within a day. It’s why I did it at home so she could be there and not just see him leave then not return home

  14. Bobbie Bray said:

    Tes, they do. I know they do. I had 2 St. Bernards (Male&Female) they were togather all their lives from 6 mos to 10 years. When the male past away it only took 4 mos for her to grieve herself to death.

  15. Marilynn Mayer Cullison said:

    I know they do. Our Bassett Hound mourned for a long time after our Cocker passed away. She would lay at the top of the stairs and stare at the door waiting for her sister to come home.

  16. Carol Trowbridge said:

    yep- when we had to put our dog down… the cat searched everywhere he could think the dog might be. He finally settled on an old piece of rug the dog had been on. (about 5 months) I told the vet I might have to hire a head and heart doctor for the cat.

  17. Debra Cook said:

    Absolutely! And it’s sad when humans don’t know or don’t allow for the grieving process! Poor babies lose the main focus of their lives, and need time to heal, also!!!

  18. Claudia Lukrofka said:

    Absolutely , brother/sister schnauzer’s did, brother went to pet heaven & sister mourned 30 days till she joined him….they were by my side for 13 years….I’m still in shock that I lost them both within 30days of earache other. Pets are amazing ….

  19. Adrienne Stambaugh said:

    Of course they do. When my girl passed three years ago, my roommates boy was devastated. I didn’t want another dog, but I couldn’t stand to see him like that, and my own grief was immense. So I went to the shelter and took the least adoptable dog there. And they are living happily ever after.

  20. Kathryn Gargano said:

    ELEPHANTS MOURN OVER BONES OF A DEAD ELEPHANT THEY KNEW…too many stories to tell ..the one of the dog they made a statue of and movie of that sat for years at railroad station all day waiting for his master to come home till he died there waiting…tear jerker.

  21. Fannie Buford Moore said:

    I know they do when i was little we lived next to a elderly couple when the man passed away his dog was found days later under his vehicle so I know pets have feelings

  22. Diane Kirchner said:

    I had a brother and sister mixed breed dogs when his sister went over the Rainbow Bridge he started howling just when she passed. Yes i believe they mourn I saw and heard it. I had to hold and comfort him he was sad for days.

  23. Sheila Stumps said:

    Do they mourn yes. This is max his daddy died and that’s how he ended up at the shelter i work at. He was the saddest dog I’d ever seen didn’t want to live anymore took weeks for me as his companion to show him that things are going to be ok .He only wanted me so I had to adopted him .He is old and doesn’t have a lot of time left but he has a lot of love left . Puppy power

  24. Sandra Oatman said:

    they know or sense it, when my mother -in-law passed her dog mourned her, wouldnt eat for a while and was very mopey, everyone was afraid that the dog was gonna get sick and pass, eventually he bounced back but it took him a while, he didnt want anyone but her, I felt bad for Teddy

  25. Lorrie Dorothy said:

    yes they do. since i’ve always had more than one dog, when one is gone from the pack, it’s not only me mourning, but the dogs that are still there, waiting and watching for the one who passed. it really changes the whole dynamic, and we’re all sad. 🙁

  26. Annie Rocha said:

    Yes they do. They loose their appetite have tears in their eyes and whine and cry for their mate, siblings and other friends. Mine finely got over her loss of her father and brothers and sisters

  27. Lynn Atchley said:

    Yes they mourn just like us, 2 yrs ago today I lost our shepherd / lab mix, our other 2 dogs would go lay where we put her to rest in our yard. This march I made a pets owner most heart wrenching decision to sent our middle pet over the bridge, his companion would sleep next to his bed, he still does but will not lay in his place, god help me when I have to send him over, he is our last dog, As it is I still cry for them today.so yes they mourn alot more than us.

  28. Donna Curry said:

    I’ve seen it with my own eyes. They grieve, they have love and feelings, they get happy and depressed. Listen to your dog…

  29. Brenda Miller said:

    Yes they do. I went tru it. My dog just layed around waiting for the other one to come home. It was so sad to watch. I had to comfort the one as much as I could.

  30. Linda Short said:

    Yes they do when I took my husband to the hospital . He had quit a stay and they though he was never coming back they all mourned and so did his cat..

  31. Luranna Latimer said:

    Yes they do. I had a pair of cockers,sisters. one had to be down due to cancer. the other one looked up and down the street for weeks, looking for her sister.

  32. Marsha Henley-Clampitt said:

    Yes they most definitely do. 7 years ago we had to help ease our beloved Little Bit to rest. His little partner in mischief, Sassy, grieved for him and was never the same. Bless her heart, 16 months later, she was still so heart broken that I knew she wanted to be with Bit, but didn’t want to leave us. On Mothers Day, I had to break my husbands heart and ask him to tell Sassy it was OK to go be with Bit. He held her and and we both cried as he told her how much he loved her, and that she would be with us always in our hearts and .memories. I picked her up and carried her to bed, and as I gentley laid her down, I kissed her and told her that Bit was waiting for her. Sassy lifted her head up, looked up towards Heaven, and took her last breath. My husband and I still talk about them, and smile over their love for us and each other.

  33. Cheryl Lynn said:

    Anyone that has ever loved and cared for animals know they mourn. Some more acutely than others, but they all know and feel it.

  34. Birte Fugate said:

    I know from experience that they do, I also know that when they have smelled the passing dog that they know that they are not coming back

  35. Joanie Smith said:

    I had a dog named trixie. She had a puppies and I kept her son and named him rusty. They lived together for twelve years. One day I let trixie out, she collapsed and started to seizure. His last view of his mother was me placing her in the car and rushing her to the vet. She never came home. Rusty mourned for a year. It was so bad that I took him to the vet. There are no drugs for grief. It took him a whole year to come around. Even then he really never was the same. Animals grieve, just like us they don’t understand and only time lessons the loss.

  36. Paul Rocha said:

    I saw the video and I couldn’t hold from crying seeing this dog cry and guard their owners and dog friends it hurts just seeing them so Hurt and sad !

  37. Wanda Taylor-Yakes said:

    They sure do ! When baby our mama dog died, her son, Bummy, kept searching for her. Kept yelling and staring at us to go find her. He would go to her bed and sleep on it

  38. Dominic Martin said:

    Yes they sure do! When I left with my one doberman and didn’t come home with him because I had to let him go to sleep, my female dobe knew smtn was wrong and just waited by the garage door waiting for him to come through. She was super depressed for about 2 weeks and kept laying in my room where they both slept together. Yes they mourn and have feelings and more compassion than most humans

  39. Celeste Hardy said:

    yes they do…I had to get another jack russell after mine was killed because my healer would lay by the front door moaning and would eat…she was so sad, i thought she would die

  40. James Granger said:

    Yes, they do. Our Missey grieved for Sugar Bear after he died. She even found his grave in the yard several days after he was buried even though we had not let her go back there on purpose to help her. When she went in the backyard, she went immediately to the grave and lay down on top. She missed her Sugar Bear.

  41. Peggy Getz said:

    Yes,Dogs are very sensitive to human feelings and moods When i put my Schnauzer to sleep due to Cancer, my other dog was lost without her, he wandered around the house looking for her… They were friends for over a year………. i miss my Punkin too,..

  42. Dina Torres-Ortiz said:

    Yes they do my shih tzu cried loud when his little partner died they grew up together. She got ill. I never had seen anything like it. It was very hear trenching. rip my sweet babies.

  43. Brenda Hite said:

    i had one that pasted and my other one grieve herself death she was skin and bones when she pasted they were together for 14 yrs yes they do moun they do feel heartbreak just like we do

  44. Lois Corse said:

    When I was a kid, our older dog was poisoned. It took us a week before we found him. Our younger dog mourned the passing of his best friend.

  45. Wyndee-Leigh Gray said:

    Yes of course. My dog lost 1 of her puppies when she gave birth, and when she came home from the vet, she put a little toy with her other babies in bed. Everywhere they went, she brought the toy with them.

  46. Donna Fulcher said:

    yes. my mother’s dog would not eat after passed away. she was very depressed. it’s been almost a year and she still doesn’t act the same.