[video] Tillman A True Dog Legend Has Passed Away!

Tillman the skateboarding dog has passed away of natural causes.  His owner states he is a true legend and will be missed.  Tillman was quite the star on YouTube and throughout social media.  He has been filmed skateboarding and doing all kinds of tricks on camera.  He was a happy go lucky bulldog that had a great life and brought joy to those around him and to us viewers as we watched him perform his tricks and do things he loved to do.  Tillman has passed over the Rainbow Bridge.  We hope life is great for you Tillman….you will be missed!

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  1. Elsa Chavez said:

    Blessings to Tillman .I feel your Sades my HEART hurts FOR you .. RIP you will be forever be missed ..hes there in Spirt …….

  2. Gayle DeBlasio said:

    Another sweet dog is waiting for his master over the rainbow bridge. I hope all the memories of him in your heart helps you through your loss..and gives you peace.

  3. Nancy Peters said:

    The date on the article was Oct. of last year so not exactly sure when Tillman past away. Either way I am sorry
    For your loss – skate free at the Rainbow Bridge.