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5 Tips to Help Prepare Your Dog For the New Addition!

Image: I Heart Dogs

I Heart Dogs.com tells us that we need to Make A Plan for when the baby comes into the house.  We make plans to get the baby home, but we also need to remember the dog.  Give the dog some time to smell clothes and get use to the scents the baby will have when it comes home.

Manners Matter so if your dog has an obedience issue that should be addressed befoe the baby arrives in the home.

Quirky Behavior of our dogs is cute until they do them to other people.  We may not mind when our dog jumps up on us but when the baby comes home we do not want the dog jumping on the baby.  That is something that needs to be addressed before you bring baby home.

Sniff and Tell is important because the dog will be use to the baby scent when it comes home.  As you are washing clothes and putting together furniture let your dog sniff and get use to whats happening.

Practice Makes Perfect means just what it says.  Practice, practice, practice.  These tips will not come easy at first.  That's okay, just keep at it and don't give up!  There is room in your home for the baby and dog!  Prepare for it!

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Content Source: I Heart Dogs.com


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