4 Must-Dos for Keeping the Peace Between Pets

Here’s how to avoid an unpleasant dog vs. cat showdown:

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Keep kitty safe. Set up a safe haven for your cat that is inaccessible to your dog. Use a gate or chain on top of the door that keeps the dog out, but provides just enough room for the cat to slip in and out.

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Put your pup on a leash.  This will provide you with instant access to the dog. Since the tether is lighter than a leash, the dog will feel as though he’s free, but you will still be able to control him. To keep the dog from chewing on the tether, soak it in bad-tasting mouthwash. As the animals become accustomed to each other, gradually cut this cord shorter until it is no longer needed, she says.

Get them while they’re young. If possible, introduce a cat and dog while they are still young.

Let them work it out. Try not to intervene with them when they are having a misunderstanding over things.  They will work it out eventually.

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