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Breed of the Day…BOSTON TERRIER


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Breed of the Day…BOSTON TERRIER!  These are some fascinating dogs and I enjoyed learning about them.  I wouldn't mind owning one day.  Here are a few facts and statistics about Boston Terriers.

 Nicknamed the little American gentleman among dogs because of its gentle disposition, the Boston Terrier was bred in Massachusetts well over 100 years ago, a cross between the English Bulldog and English Terrier. Devoted, clever, active, and clever, the Boston Terrier makes for a wonderful companion.

Physical Characteristics:  The Boston Terrier has a square-proportioned, compactly-built, and short-backed body.  It has is  lively and has sturdiness, strength, determination, grace, and style.   These small dogs are also known to snore or wheeze because of its flat nose. Its short coat, which is fine and comes in brindle, seal, or black with white markings, is elegant in appearance.

Personality and Temperament:  The Boston Terrier may be stubborn at times, but as it is also clever, it can be taught to learn. It is shy in front of strangers.  However, this breed is also sensitive and devoted, and while indoors, it is one of the most well-mannered, well-rounded dogs. If taken outside, the Boston Terrier is a highly active dog and is bold, playful, and always up for a game of fetch.

History and Background:  Fortunately, the origin and history of the Boston Terrier has been properly documented, which is unusual compared to other dog breeds. A true American creation, the Boston Terrier was a result of a cross between an English Bulldog and a white English Terrier, which occurred around 1870. This dog was commonly known as “Hooper's Judge,” named after the man who purchased the animal, Robert C. Hooper. It is now believed all modern Boston Terriers can follow their terrier ancestry to this 30-pound male. After crossbreeding it further with French Bulldogs, its physical and temperamental characteristics were refined. In 1879, the Boston Terrier was recognized by the Massachusetts State Legislature as the official state dog, and in 1889, the first dog club for the breed was established, the American Bull Terrier Club.



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