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Breed Of The Day-Greyhound

Image: Pet MD

I learned so much about the Greyhound that I didn't know.  This dog is know for speed and so much more.  They are sensitive and can just chill on the couch like you and I.  They are in general a very well behaved dog.  I like that.  I hope you enjoy these statistics and facts about the Greyhound.  According to petMD.com,

The Greyhound is a large dog with a unique, slim build. Known for its speed, it can reach a velocity of up to 45 miles per hour. Despite this overabundance of energy, the Greyhound still makes an excellent pet that is calm and gentle while indoor.

Physical Characteristics: The Greyhound's arched back and long legs allow it to stretch and contract with minimum effort, making it one of the fastest animals on land. While running, the dog's tail actually acts like a brake and rudder.

Personality and Temperament:  Though the Greyhound has an independent temperament, it is always eager to please. Referred to as “the world's fastest couch potato,” this breed is very sensitive, timid and can be reserved around strangers. Indoors, the dog is very placid, quiet, and well-mannered, but while outdoors, it will chase anything small that moves. The Greyhound will also generally behave well with other pets and dogs it has grown up with.

History and Background:  Greyhound-like dogs were first depicted in Greek, Egyptian, and Roman times. During the period of the Saxons, the Greyhound was a popular and established breed in Britain. Both the nobility and the common people greatly esteemed the dog. The first prototypical Greyhound was a sighthound that could run and catch game at a very fast pace. The word Greyhound might have originated from the Old English grighund — “Hund” the antecedent of the modern “hound” — or from the Latin gradus, meaning high grade.

Content Source:petMD.com

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