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Do You Have A Smart Dog Breed?

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Do you have a smart dog breed?  This is a valuable question sometimes.  We all think our dog is the smartest one around regardless of the breed.  This article from Everyday Health informs us of the top 10 smart dog breeds.  Some of them I figured would be in the top, like the collie!  They are very intelligent.  The retrievers are intelligent as well.  They are a great all around dog breed. They are great with kids and family as well as hunting and being used outdoors.  Poodles are another dog on this list that you could have guessed!  Some of the others I was surprised.  Check the list out here!

10 Smart Dog Breeds

If you’re looking for a smart, healthy dog, this list of 10 breeds that are considered intelligent dogs might help:

  • Border collie. They have been bred as sheep herders and have a lot of energy. They need plenty of exercise and open space to run.

  • Doberman pinscher. These guard dogs are obedient and will watch over you, but they need regular exercise.

  • Australian cattle dog. They’ve been bred to herd cattle and are very smart. But they need lots of exercise and something to do, such as agility training.

  • German shepherd. They’re loving guard dogs that like children, but they need regular physical activity.

  • Golden retriever. They’re used as hunting dogs and help with search and rescue missions. They’re also friendly and love to please their owners, although they need plenty of exercise.

  • Labrador retriever. These hunting dogs work big jobs. They’re used as guide dogs for the blind, narcotic detection dogs with police departments, and in search and rescue teams. They’re highly trainable and have good tempers.

  • Rottweiler. These obedient dogs work as herders, therapy dogs, and police dogs. They’re loving to their owners but tend to protect their homes and can be difficult with strangers. Experts recommend socializing these dogs and getting obedience training. Rottweiler's also need to exercise every day.

  • Poodle. They’re beautiful, smart, and active. Poodles do well in any size home, but need to be active every day.

  • Shetland sheepdog. Also called shelties, these herding dogs are very compliant and devoted to their owners. They can be shy with strangers and may try to herd people. They do best on a farm, but can also do well in homes if they get enough exercise.

  • Papillon. These small dogs do well in any size home and they’re considered happy and alert.

Source: Every Day Health

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