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Is Your Dog Trying To Tell You Something?

Image Source:Pixabay/Google

Is your dog trying to tell you something?  In a article by the Wall Street Journal we found several tips and hints to let us be more aware of your dogs and their actions.  According to Melissa  Holbrook Pierson in the article:

Dogs are generally quite adept at telegraphing warnings, so it’s our job to learn to read them better. This is also in their interest, since “behavior problems”—often the result of misunderstood canine expressions—are a leading reason that owners have to surrender or euthanize their dogs.

We found this statement interesting because she is telling us we have a job to do and so many times we feel like we know it all and its the dog that needs help.  Here are some tips from the article!

It’s all in the ears, tail and body.

The baseline posture of a relaxed dog includes having ears up and tail down. In an alert, often transitional, posture, the tail is held straight behind, the ears go forward, and the entire carriage raises. A fearful or anxious dog tucks his tail, lowers his body and pulls back the corners of his mouth. If his hackles (the hairs along the back of his neck) are raised and his nose wrinkled, he is saying he just might bite if pressed further.

Similarly, the dog whose tail is stiff and wagging slowly (not all wagging denotes pleasure), with ears forward and carriage following suit, may be announcing imminent attack. If he freezes, pupils dilated and staring hard, he is to be taken at his word: Watch out.

Some dogs growl before biting and some don’t; the canine body speaks louder than the voice. That is why dogs whose tails are docked or ears cropped lose some of their linguistic fluency. And it’s why some of our grooming choices, such as the poodle’s topknot, cause trouble when they are misread by other dogs as heightened carriage.

We found this article very helpful and hope you will go to the Wall Street Link at the bottom of the page and check out the rest of the article!

Content Source:  Wall Street Journal


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