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Pets Should Go To Work With Us!

Image: Google/Pixabay Pets should go to work with us.  I found this article on Everyday Health by Robert Preidt about dogs in the work place.  I thought it was awesome.  We all have stressful jobs and its very stressful on us when we leave our dogs home or at doggie day care for long hours …

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9 Celebrity Pit Bull Lovers!

  Image Source: Google and Life with Dogs! Pit Bull lovers are everywhere.  In a list below you will learn a bit about the celebrities that have pit bulls and how much they love them.  Some of these celebrities have organizations and foundations that raise awareness about pit bulls.  I think this is very admirable …

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Why Does Your Dog Tilt His Head?

Image Source: Life With Dogs Almost every dog does the head tilt, but what exactly does it mean?  Confusion?  Curiosity?  Or is it just them being cute and hoping for a tasty treat?   Does your dog tilt his/her head?  There is a reason for it!  Who knew?  Well, here’s what may be going on. This article from …

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Dogs are People Too [video]

View the Video>>> It’s hard to think of anything funnier than animals acting like people. It’s especially humorous when to see dogs and cats doing people stuff. I am amazed at the talent these dogs have.  I am thinking that the owners have spent quite a bit of time with these dogs working on getting …

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7 Snoozing Pooch Pics

We found 7 of the best snoozing pictures.  These great pics of snoozing pooches were found @ Buzzfeed Animals.  These guys are sprawled out all over the place.  You will not believe some of these dogs and their positions.  Being in uncompromising positions doesn’t keep these hounds from getting some serious slumber. Let us know which one is your …

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