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9 Celebrity Pit Bull Lovers!


Image Source: Google and Life with Dogs!

Pit Bull lovers are everywhere.  In a list below you will learn a bit about the celebrities that have pit bulls and how much they love them.  Some of these celebrities have organizations and foundations that raise awareness about pit bulls.  I think this is very admirable for them to do.  Pit Bulls get a bad rap and it is time that people learn how they really are!

1 – Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel and her pit bull, Tina, are two peas in a pod. She even posts every Tuesday about their adventures with the hashtag #TuesdaysWithTina.

2– Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon love his pitty, Lilly, whose picture is posted frequently on his Instagram account.

3 – Katherine Heigl

The actress has a non-profit animal welfare organization she started with her mom and also has a rescued pitty, Apollo.

4 – Alicia Silverstone

Included in her trio of rescued pups is her pitty, Butterfly, (nicknamed “the Pig”) whom Silverstone says sleeps on top of her husband’s at night. She is advocate against pit bull stereotypes. You can read about them on her website, The Kind Life

5 – Sophia Bush

Bush has adopted three pitties, Griffin, Patch and Penny and is an adoption advocate.

6 – Racheal Ray

Racheal cooks for pets and people and has a rescued pitty named Isaboo. She also speaks out about breed stereotyping frequently.

7 – Jesse James

He hired a pet detective when one of his pups, a rescued pit bull named “CinnaBun” went missing. He has a  gang of dogs, which includes two rescued pit bulls, now have their very own Instagram account. https://instagram.com/the_james_gang_bullies_atx/

8– Tom Brady and Gisele

NFL player Tom Brady and supermodel wife Gisele have a pit bull mix named Lua, who even starred in an UGG Australia commercial with Brady.

9– Bernadette Peters

This actress is all about the pups! She is the Broadway Barks co-founder and even wrote a children’s book about her beloved pit bull, Stella.


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