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[video] What Happened To Michael Vick's Dogs? Where Are They?

Ever wonder what happened to Michael Vick’s dogs?  Did they get rehabilitated?  Did they get adopted?  Were they euthanized?  This video is awesome.  All of these questions will be answered and I am sure that you will be happy with the outcome.  Everyone knew what happened to Michael Vick and we all know how he …

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[video] Puppy Spa Time!

This guy has the life!  You will not believe this! This video is awesome!  This sweet rescue puppy is so enjoying his bath time you would think he is at the spa.  That’s how I look I am sure after my massage!  This puppy looks like he is in heaven.  I might even venture to …

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[video] Patrick's Rescue!

This rescue is by far the worst or best I have ever seen.  I guess it depends on how you look at it to decide if it is the best of worst.  Patrick was in horrible shape and looked the worst he could look.  Thank goodness Patrick was found.  Patrick’s transformation is absolutely amazing and heart …

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