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[video] Rosie's Rescue: An Affair Of The Heart!

Rosie's rescue is for sure an affair of the heart!  You heart will just melt when you watch this sweet dog in this video.  Rosie lived on the street and did the best she could with what she had.  She is a survivor.  A loving person found her and fed her for days while she figured out how she would rescue her.  This story is one for the books for sure.  She comes with a few benefits and I cant wait for you to watch the video and see what I am talking about.  We at Paws For Peeps are so thankful for those that rescue dogs and share the stories with us so we can share them with you!  Enjoy!

30 thoughts on “[video] Rosie's Rescue: An Affair Of The Heart!”

  1. You are so gentle and if my dog was lost I would want someone like you to find him You did an amazing job. both Patiences and kindness are you best attributes so I see. Love you thank you for being that person.

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