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Tips For Taking Your Dog To The Groomers!

Image Source: Modern Dog Magazine

Lindsay Barr of Modern Day Magazine gives us some tips on taking our dogs to the groomers!  She is a professional groomer in Colorado and these tips are top notch!  Lindsay and Modern Day Magazine give some great information and tips on all aspects of taking care of your dog and making sure that you as a reader are very well informed.  I appreciate a groomer taking time out of their busy day to give us some tips that will help us be better prepared.

1. Take him to go potty before going in. Your dog will be in a different or new environment for possibly several hours. Do him (and your groomer) a favor by letting him go potty before you get there.  This is great!  I get so nervous when I go to a new place and am unsure as to what is about to happen!

2. Walk confidently with him from your car into the shop. Don’t keep telling them, “I know this is scary, but you’ll be ok.” Dogs pick up on your nervous-ness. They read your body language. That is often why they become nervous themselves. Take a deep breath and release a long exhale, relax your arm if you have them on a leash. Your dog will be more confident if you are more confident.  The groomer does his/her job because they love dogs and want to be there.  Your dog will feel this confidence and relax and hopefully have a great experience.  People who work with dogs love them so trust that!

3. If he is nervous, do not coddle him. (i.e., hugging to your chest, holding them and telling them it’s going to be alright, giving them treats) This one is the hardest to do. I see owners doing it all the time and even I find it tough to do with my own dogs. But I have to see it as leading by example and doing the best for them. Act calm and confidently hand the dog (or the leash) over to the groomer. Show the dog that you are comfortable with this. This is so hard sometimes to not protect our babies when it is a new situation.  We have to be strong and confident! Remember positive reinforcement instead of negative.  You do not want to reward bad behavior!

4. Give him a few drops of Bach’s Rescue Remedy for Pets. Also, a drop of lavender oil placed on the pad of the paw or the inside tip of the ear. These can be administered at home before getting in the car to go anywhere, so that by the time you get to the shop, they have had time to take effect. This is great advice!

Remember that finding a groomer that your dog is comfortable with is important and making sure you are doing all you can to prepare your dog for this is very important!  Good luck at the groomers!

Content Source: Modern Dog Magazine


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