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Top 5 Small Breeds that Make Great Inside Pets

Image Source:Pinterest/Pet's We Love

According to Pet's We Love,

Small dogs have become a popular fashion accessory for celebrities, but they make great indoor pets for kids. They are small in stature, but they more than make up for it with their playfulness and personality. Choosing the right small breed for your family depends on many factors, including your lifestyle, children’s age, and the size of your home. There are multiple small dog breeds and each one has several pros and cons.

There are several factors that go into deciding what dog is the best inside pet.  One reason is the Pomeranian is gentle and mellow but can be loud.  Pugs on the other hand make excellent companions but can be head strong! Boston Terriers bond with children very well and make excellent inside pets.  They do not require a lot of grooming and upkeep.  The Maltese doesn't shed much and is also an excellent choice.

#1.  Maltese


#2 Boston Terrier


#3 Pug


#4 Pomeranian


#5 Chihuahua


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