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[Video] Baby And Dog Meet For The First Time! So Cute!

Baby and dog meet for the first time.  This is so cute and sweetest thing ever. That moment when you decide to get a dog and you hope and pray that the baby will not be too mean and the dog will allow the baby to “love” on him.  That's when you know that you have a great match!  Thank goodness the additions to this family gets along, tolerate and love each other.  Life would not be happy if your dog and baby didn't get along!  Can you imagine the problems you would be bringing upon yourself and your family.  Life is too short to not have a dog in the mix and be able to love on them daily.  There is nothing sweeter than a baby laughing and this puppy is just adorable with the baby!

This VIDEO is a MUST Watch!


6 thoughts on “[Video] Baby And Dog Meet For The First Time! So Cute!”

  1. Christabel, Sue does have a point tho because on more than one occasion I know of…the puppy or dog nipped or grabbed in play the toddler or youngster…and to a person they either had the dog put down as “vicious ” or got rid of the dog…who really was just playing. Or the baby/toddler pulled the dogs tail and the dog turned and bit.

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