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[video] Jobs For Dog Lovers!

Jobs for dog lovers…

The ladies in this video share with us some jobs for the dog lover in us all..

  1.  Dog Sitter-$15-$20 per hour.
  2. Dog Walker- dog walkers make  $15-$25 per hour.
  3. Dog Groomer- $25-$30 per hour plus some training.
  4. Pooper Scooper- people charge a monthly fee for poop removal service.
  5. Dog Masseuse-$25-$100 per hour.

All of these careers need to be worked in order to succeed.  You have to market yourself.  Advertise and get your name out there so you can get more leads for jobs.  Dog parks and pet stores are perfect places to start.  Social Media is a great tool as well.  Go start you a business doing something you love!


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