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[video] Lick, Lick, Lick!

Lick, Lick, Lick!

Does your dog lick your face?  Should they lick your face?  This video is very informative and gives great insight and advice.  I know we all have let our dog lick on us.  My pup loves to give sugar and I love to receive them.  The question in this video is simple.  I found the information to be very helpful and interesting for sure.

I have to say that I do find it odd and out of character for me to  allow my dog to lick all over me.  Let's be honest and real here, they lick all over their body….and I mean everywhere!  When I think of that it is a little disturbing to me if I being honest here.  Check this video out for yourself and let us know what you think.

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