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[video] My Favorite Dog……

My favorite dog…

is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  They are so sweet and have such a deep history.  The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel actually got its name because it was the lap dog of choice for King Charles. The would frequent the laps of royalty often.  This breed of dog has become more and more popular over that past few years.  This is just like the perfect mate for those that love kisses and loves. King Charles never went anywhere without his dogs by his side.  They have a slick coat and come in 4 colors.  Prince Charles, King Charles, Ruby and Blenheim.  They love children.  They want to please and are easy to train.  They live 9-14 years.  Learn more from the video about Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!  Thanks Dogs 101.


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