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3 Helpful Tips for You and Your Dog on the 4th

Image Source: Randy Robertson

We found this article on Pop Sugar which gives helpful tips on how to calm your dog on the 4th of July! Check out their site for the rest of the tips! I know I will use them. There are some great tips for those who want to bring their pooches with them to check out the festivities on the 4th!

  1. Tire him out. Spend as much time as you can playing with your dog the day of the fireworks to tire him out both physically and mentally. This will calm him when the nighttime festivities start.

  2. Keep him inside. This one seems obvious, but it bears repeating. Keep your dog inside your house, and make sure all the doors and windows are shut so he can't leave if he gets scared. It also wouldn't hurt to try to give him a comfortable place to hang out while the fireworks are happening. Make sure he has water and some summery treats with him.

  3. Keep him distracted. After you've got him comfortably shut inside the house, give him something to keep busy and distracted. Kong toys filled with treats or peanut butter are a great way to keep him busy until the fireworks end.

Source: Pop Sugar



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