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Tips To Having A Happy Dog!

Image Source: Google/Flickr

Modern Day Magazine shares these wonder tips with us on how to keep our dog happy.  If your dog is happy the whole house is happy!  These tips are wonderful and I was excited to learn that in my household we tend to do these things.  We could work on the cell phone part but that just means we have something to work on.  I hope you find this as article as helpful as I did.  Enjoy!

Schedule time for play. Dogs adore playing. The best part? Taking some time daily to play will definitely improve your bond.  Dogs love to spend time with us and they love the attention we give them when we play.

Always use a happy, friendly voice when you call your dog. Do you feel particularly keen to approach someone using an angry tone of voice? Of course you don’t so why have that tone with your dog?

Be consistent. Imagine how confusing this scenario is: your dog whines or jumps up on you. In response, you ignore or even inadvertently reward the behavior. But then your mom comes over, your dog jumps up on her, and you get mad. Confusing? You betcha. (It’s also extremely counter productive from a training perspective.) Our dogs want to please us. Help them to do so by being consistent with the rules.

Keep a schedule. Dogs are creatures of habit.  We are creatures of habit.  The dogs get on our schedule and we need to keep them on that.  I come in from work and take the dog out and feed her, this is our routine.  When I leave for work I take her out and feed her.  She knows this and is ready to go when I start to put my shoes on!

Put down the phone. This is one many of us are guilty of: we’re in the company of our dogs, whether on a walk, in the living room, or at the dog park, but all of our attention is directed at our phones. We do this in any activity.  We need to separate  ourselves from our phones and bond with our dogs!  This is very important.

Make sure he gets enough exercise. Many behavioral problems are the result of boredom. Make sure your dog gets a chance to stretch his legs, run off some energy, and mix and mingle with the world a minimum of two times a day. You wouldn’t want to be cooped up in the house all day either.

Make sure he has several comfy places to relax, some where the family convenes and others tucked away should he want some quiet time. Dogs spend a lot of their day sleeping—up to 18 hours!—so make sure your dog has a comfortable place to catch some shut eye. This is of particular importance if your dog’s a senior.

Source Content: Modern Dog Magazine

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