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DIY Homemade Dry Dog Shampoo

Image: Smart School House

This is an awesome idea and I am looking forward to making this!  Smart School House has a great article here for all of us to enjoy!  What a wonderful idea for dogs.  I know that people use this but it is so very helpful for those owners of dogs that hate to take a bath.  What a way to wash our dog and not have so much stress doing it!

Kelly Dixon from Smart School House shared this recipe with us for Dry Doggy Shampoo,

Have you ever used (or made) a dry shampoo for yourself? They're known as a way to “freshen” up your hair in between washes. Dry shampoos are a wonderful quick fix for those days where you are rushed or where you want to make your hair smell pretty without going through the entire wash and dry process. If your dog doesn't have any skin issues and is relatively good health, you can make a dry shampoo for them too!

Dry doggy shampoo

◦Baking soda
◦Skin safe  fragrance oil
◦Salt and pepper shaker
◦Mixing bowl and spoon
◦Measuring spoons

1.In a mixing bowl, combine 3 tablespoons of baking soda, 3 tablespoons of cornstarch and 6 drops of  fragrance oil.
2.Place the doggy label on the salt and pepper shaker.

Source and More Information at Smart School House

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