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Is Your Pet A Breeding Ground For Disease?

Image: Natural News

Is your pet a breeding ground for disease?  This is a great question to ask yourself.  After finding this article I have to admit I was a little surprised at all the disease around us.  I loved for my dog to sleep in the bed with me, now not so much!  I find just a few changes in my routine and habit will be helpful with all of the disease.  Sandy Duncan with Natural News gave us this great article and I am so happy I found it.  I am now passing it on to you!

Sandy Duncan of Natural News.com tell us:

Zoonotic illness is disease passed from animals to humans, and although that might not be too common of an occurrence, it is helpful to know what these diseases are and how to prevent them.  Are you a dog lover who lets your dog sleep in your bed and shower you with kisses right on the mouth? After reviewing the potential diseases that you can catch from your dog, you might want to take it down a notch.

“If you wash your hands and handle your animals carefully,” said veterinarian Emilio DeBess, DVM, State Public Health Veterinarian for Oregon, “you shouldn't have any problems.” The risk of disease is fairly low and the health benefits from having a pet are plentiful. This list may be a bit alarming, but most diseases can be avoided with a little knowledge, prevention measures and common sense.

Several Diseases we can get from our dogs are:

Ringworm– These are the most contagious and are actually a fungal infection.  You will see these on your skin.

Giardia– The is a once cell organism that lives in streams and stagnant water.  Main side affect from this would be diarrhea in both dogs and humans.

Fleas, Ticks and Lyme Disease–  Ticks carry Lyme disease so we need to be watchful when our dogs are in tall grass as that is where ticks like to hide.


Source: Sandy Duncan of Natural News

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