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Lazy Dog Owner Picks!

Lazy Dog Owner Picks! These dogs are awesome.  Some of the picks on this video I have to question.  They seem very high energy and if a person is genuinely lazy, not sure how that will work out.  The number one dog is awesome.  I totally agree with it.  They are very low maintenance and […]

America's Top Dogs!

America's Top Dogs! Check out America's Top Dogs!  Is your dog in this video?  If so be sure to let us know!  I love that several breeds of bulldogs made the cut.  Bulldogs are awesome dogs and have the best attitude.  The beagle is awesome as well.  When you look at all of these dogs […]

Dog Mansions Galore!

Dog Mansions Galore! Check these dog mansions out.  Some are unbelievable to me. Talltantic brings you 20 dog mansions and tours of them as well.  They range from a larger regular dog house to the mansion in the back yard dog house.  I am amazing at the designs and functionality of these dog houses.  I […]

Tilt A Head Doggie Style!

Tilt a head doggie style… This video from Brain Stuff-How It Works is awesome!  They share with us three factor that would cause your dog to tilt his/her head.  The first is Sight.  This one makes sense because depending on the angle of their head they may or may not be able to see.  Second […]

Raised Dog Food And Water Station!

DIY raised dog food and water station! This video is awesome.  This station is amazing and seems so helpful.  If you have a bigger dog this is perfect.  The size would need to be adjusted for smaller dogs for sure.  This cabinet looks nice and hides the food as well.  I love this part the best.  […]

DIY Dog Crate~

DIY Dog Crate! DIY Dog crate!  I love this so much.  These are the new fashion style in homes with dogs.  I guess we have out grown the plastic or wire crates of old.  I have to admit these new fancy wooden crates are awesome.  You can do more with them to personalize them and […]

Hulk Gets A Spa Day!

Hulk gets a spa day! Hulk gets a trip to New York to conquer the Big Apple.  Good Morning America brought Hulk to New York and even sent him to the spa for a day.  Hulk is a Pit Bull weighing in at 175 lbs.  He causes some excitement wherever he goes.  He loves his […]

Reunited…It Feels So Good!

Reunited and it feels so good… This video is amazing.  This lady is reuniting Veterans with their service dogs and their reactions are wonderful.  The work this lady is doing is such a wonderful work for both of the animals and veterans.  We need more people in this world that care about others and their happiness.  This […]

Kangaroo Attacks Dog!

Kangaroo attacks dog… This video has been on the internet and we just found it.  This group of guys were on a hunting trip in the Outback when the owner of a dog saw his dog being held by a kangaroo.  He runs to his dog rescue.  Wait till you see what he does.  This […]

Dog Mannequin Challenge!

Dog Mannequin Challenge… This has got to be the best mannequin challenge I have seen.  These dogs are awesome and performed so well.  The Fumble did a great job putting this video together for all of us to enjoy!  The participants in this challenge look willing to perform.  They seem to really enjoy what they are […]