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Goodbye's Are Never Easy!

Goodbye's are never easy… Molly's owner Ryan was not going to come home from the hospital.  The people of  Rideout Memorial Hospital in Marysville, California were nice enough to let Molly come and say her goodbyes.  These moments are never easy and are hard on all of us.  When I heard about this story it […]

Dog Breeds Above The Rest!

Dog Breeds Above The Rest! Check out these top dog breeds in this video!  Did your dog make the cut?  Let us know if your dog made the list.  Every dog is different and we all love our dogs.  We love our dogs regardless of this list.  I find it interesting in the dog owner […]

People Pleasing Dogs!

People pleasing dogs… People are different, dogs are different.  This video is for you if you think your dog does things just to make you happy.  This video will show you how we do things to please our dogs and they return the favor by trying to please us.  It was amazing to watch this […]

First Time Owner Dog Breeds!

First time dog owner breeds! This video for the first time dog owner is awesome!  They let you know interesting facts about different breeds and what would be best for you in your home.  I love the facts that they share.  Dog hair was a big deal to me and I wanted a fur baby […]

Weird Dogs Make Me Laugh!

Weird Dogs Make Me Laugh! These dogs in this video are so funny.  They do some of the weirdest things I have seen.  Tiger Productions put together a great compilation of weird dogs.  Dogs do some weird, crazy and funny things.  I wonder if they know what they are doing and just want to make […]

Valentine Treats For Your Valentine!

Valentine treats for your valentine! Snow Dogs Snacks has made this wonderful video just in time for Valentine's day!  You have to check it out.   There recipes are easy to follow and make.  Your four legged Valentine will love you even more when you go this extra mile for them.  The treats actually look good […]

Inside The Puppy Bowl!

Inside the puppy bowl… Animal Planet takes you inside their puppy bowl.  This is great!  These puppies are playing a game, on two different teams and taken the toys away the bet they can.  This video is hilarious.  These puppies are playing and having the time of their lives.  You have to see this!  They […]

Puppies Are The Best!

Puppies Are The Best! There is not anything better than a puppy licking all over your face.  They are so sweet and loving.  Mashup Zone has done it again with this compilation video of these adorable darlings.  In this video you will see all breeds of dogs represented.  I just can't get over how cute […]

Facts About The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!

Facts about the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! I absolutely love this breed of dog.  They are so cute, adorable and lovable to say the least.  They give the best loves and want to be right on your lap all of the time.  They make wonderful companions.  They live to be anywhere from 9-14 years old.  They […]

White Bag In The Woods!

White bag in the woods….. The white bag in the woods contained newborn puppies just dumped there.  This is so unbelievable to me.  Thank goodness someone called and notified these rescuers of this white bag.  They heard crying and wasn't sure what was in the bag.  Sadly some of the puppies didn't survive this horrible […]