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Breed Of The Day-Greyhound

Image: Pet MD I learned so much about the Greyhound that I didn’t know.  This dog is know for speed and so much more.  They are sensitive and can just chill on the couch like you and I.  They are in general a very well behaved dog.  I like that.  I hope you enjoy these …

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Breed of the Day- Great Dane

Image: Pet MD According to petMD.com the Great Dane is a highly regarded dog.  Its majestic appearance is something to behold.  I have several friends that have Great Dane’s and honestly they tend to intimidating to me.  They all have small children and the children are not scared one bit.  This “giant” dogs take care …

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Breed of the Day…BOSTON TERRIER

  Image Source:angelamaryclaire Breed of the Day…BOSTON TERRIER!  These are some fascinating dogs and I enjoyed learning about them.  I wouldn’t mind owning one day.  Here are a few facts and statistics about Boston Terriers.  Nicknamed the little American gentleman among dogs because of its gentle disposition, the Boston Terrier was bred in Massachusetts well …

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