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[video] Little Dog With A Big Personality!

Image Source: Wikimedia.org

Little dog with a big personality!

Dogs 101 has done it again.  I had a friend that has some Brussels Griffon puppies for sale and I had no idea what kind of dog that was.  I went to Dogs 101 and they never disappoint.  I learned they are from Brussels, Belgium and were used to catch rats in the barns in the area. They are small but not a delicate dog for sure.  They come in 4 colors which are Red, Belge, Black and Tan or Black.  They are a good watch dog and can be taught many tricks.  They are an awesome choice for apartment living.  They have starred in movies such as “As Good As It Gets” and “First Wives Club”.  Check them out!  I have fallen in love with this dog breed.

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