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[video] My First Dog!

My first dog!

This was my first dog and her named was Princess.  The Shih Tzu have been around for 200 years. They are famous for their coat,  it has 2 layers and grows like human hair.  Most Shih Tzu owners keep their hair cut short and still be cute!  The long hair is saved for the show ring.  Shih Tzu's come in a variety of colors, 19 to be exact.  They wee bred for the royal court in China.  When the empire fell all but 14 dogs were destroyed.  They saved 7 females ad 7 males.  All of the Shih Tzu's today can be traced back to one of those original 14 dogs that were saved.  They are lap dogs and will go wherever you go.  Learn more about them I this video from Dogs 101.  They are amazing!  Thanks Dogs 101!

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