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[video] Pascal Packs A Punch!

According to Inside Edition, “A stray puppy tormented by children and left for dead, according to a rescue organization, has made a miraculous recovery. The dog named Pascal was brought to a charity clinic in critical condition after the 4-month-old dog had been covered in industrial glue and dragged through dirt. Damage from the glue left the organization with no choice but to shave his fur, revealing red, almost raw skin underneath.”  This is a sad story will a happy ending.  I hope and pray that we can bring awareness to things like this happening daily.  These things need to stop.  Bless Pascal!

1 thought on “[video] Pascal Packs A Punch!”

  1. I would love to adopt this suga babe. I have several rescues that were treated horribly so I am not a novice. I have rescued from puppy mill, streets and etc. This really touches my heart. God bless you all.

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